Monday, January 16, 2012

Where did time go? It's been awhile since I've posted. Here's a few things we have been up to:)

Thursday- January 5th
~ Worked on the blog, trying to figure out this page thing, pretty frustrating
~ Got the garden page started:) Place to keep track of seeds and gardening do's and don'ts:)
~ Worked outside the home, all afternoon
~ Made a pledge to eat healthier, which includes going out to eat only once a week

Friday- January 6th
~ Farrier cancelled on us. Hopefully he will make it out soon
~ Worked outside the home, all morning
~ Cleaned the nesting boxes and added straw.
~ Worked on spreading the compost around in the garden. Some of it was pretty frozen. Some spread around nicely.
~ Went out to eat:) Tequila's salad

Saturday- January 7th
~ Work was an understatement for today; We both had to work
~ Really nice out, and a bit windy in the afternoon.
~Took MaRaina riding- her first time on a horse not crying and screaming
~ Anthony rode Molly around
~ Did shopping in Mason- late night

Sunday-January 8th
~ Rest Day, suppose to work, didn't
~ Went down and got mom
~ Dinner at Tequila's

Monday- January 9th
~ Rochester to look around
~ Took mom with
~ Nice day out, went to Red Lobster
~ Broke my healthy eating:(

Tuesday- January 10th
~ Worked outside the home
~ Got pictures printed off

Wednesday- January 11th
~ Work meeting, and worked afterwards
~ Buck was found dead in the morning
~ Raccoon in the barn that night

Thursday- January 12th
~ Chicken decided not to go to coop
~ Coyotes woke me up at 5AM
~ Worked outside the home
~ Happy Birthday mom:)

Friday- January 13th
~ Dog and cat to vet
~ Albert Lea for rain barrels, and groceries
~ Chipped away at the horses hooves, high heels on:)
~ Feed horses at night, extra grain
~ Coyotes were out at night

Saturday- January 14th
~ Farrier came out
~ Tanacity got all 4 trimmed after a few rearing epics
~ Apache only got the front 2 done
~ Cold and windy

Sunday- January 15th
~ Rest Day
~ Mason and did some shopping
~ Hay auction
~ Posted some recipes

Monday- Januray 16th
~ Happy Birthday Martin Luther King
~ Updated Blog

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Wednesday, January 4-

  • Took Apache out to be groomed; tantrum kicking at arena
  • Took Harley for a quick ride around the arena; kept short cutting
  • Molly went for a ride with Anthony
  • Note ~ get rid of round bale feeder (sores)
  • Cleaned out goat barn alley
  • Paperwork was done and mailed:) Yea...